1. EXCELLENT …. this Chihuahua jas trained his hooman PERFECTLY.

    I soooooo hope you are both still around and making vids. I've already subscribed and will catch up on your other vids.
    YOUTUBE needs to improve their algorithm so these vids are recommended before ………. well, let's just say before others they to to push on us.
    Take care, best wishes to all.

  2. He reminds me of my late boy…so smart, hardly ever barked. Was so sweet, but, possessive of me. Taught me a lot, my best pal, buddy & forever cherished friend. ♥💔♥

  3. So beautiful and sweet and adorable and so cute and intelligent and i wanna hug him and kiss him a lot 😘😘😘

  4. Well he is gone but I’m still reminiscing by looking at all the old videos that we watched it together. I still have my little Haley in my picture but I just feeling for your loss still.

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