Yoga Teacher's Amazing House Bus & Mobile Studio

These yoga teachers have done an amazing bus conversion and created not only a beautiful home for themselves but also a mobile yoga studio which will allow them to travel the country while teaching yoga.

This off the grid bus is packed full of really unusual features, including unique indoor tents which help to provide more privacy and rooms within the bus. There’s loads of storage, including really neat ideas such as repurposed airline draws and lots more.

The entire home has been DIY built with the principles of yoga in mind, and the couple have added a large yoga platform onto the roof of the bus turning it into a traveling yoga studio.

We hope you enjoy the tour of this epic tiny house yoga bus!

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Presented and Produced by: Bryce Langston
Camera: Rasa Pescud & Bryce Langston
Editing: Sarah Binder & Rasa Pescud

Title music in this video by Bryce Langston:

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  1. I really love all the creativity that has gone into this build! You can really tell how much effort they poured into making this place something really special. How cool is that indoor tent idea too!?! We hope you enjoy this episode! With love, Bryce & Rasa

  2. Other than needing a shower that is at least 40" x 40" I could imagine adapting to a bus life. This is a beautiful example of intentional living.

  3. This is amazing!!!, I love the wee tent rooms you can create + LOVED seeing your Beautiful cat in it's wee place , I would SO, LOVE TO LIVE in your amazing , stunning + incredibly well thought-out HOME ….. it's just : WONDERFUL!!!…..

  4. Brilliant design, such delicate details! Bryce inspires every one of us. But you took action! Well-played, well-lived. xo

  5. It is lovely to see how happy and peaceful they are in their peaceful tiny house! They have made it to have lots of space there. Great! 💗💗💗💗

  6. OMG!!! I love this bus and those who call it home.. kitty included. So inventive and peaceful. I think my 2 fav bits would be the swing and the sign on the back. =D

  7. I love the mindfulness & peacefulness of this home & the people that made it what it is. The accents aren’t to shabby either! I love hearing them speak!

  8. Love the way this couple have a clear kaupapa to which they apply to all things in their life. Wonderful bus tour with beautiful innovations that are simple and highly functional. The swing and beehive drawers were the winners for me. Kia ora🌺

  9. Like a catamaran…. no…. you're just trying to be pretentious and pull in the sailing community

  10. Community. Sustainability. Freedom. Creativity. Love. What a fantastic expression of life and exploration. Great couple. Brilliant project.

  11. What a lovely home. I love the colors and all the little nooks and crannies. The wine barrel tub is fantastic! And the views are spectacular. Just a really peaceful place. Tfs!

  12. After watching this I feel happy and inspired and hopeful ….but even if this tiny house dream doesn't happen for me I can feel so glad it has happened for this amazing couple and happy knowing that dreams can and do come true and that other people watching might go on to create something like this because I truly believe this is how we were meant to live !

  13. Amazing!!! So inspired again!! Can you please share the name of the community again? Is it Tumanako? Thanks🙏🏽

  14. That was really cool! I haven't been a fan of bus builds before now, but I loved this one. I think it's the indoor tent that got me – I had a bed tent as a kid and loved it!

  15. Those roll down curtains are also cool because they go along with the yoga theme, in that they look like rolled up yoga mats. Also love the tent idea. So many awesome ideas/creations.

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