Yoga For Low Back and Hamstrings | Yoga With Adriene

Join me for this stretchy 30 min low to the ground yoga practice for the back and hamstrings! This gentle class invites a full body awareness and focuses on a deep opening of the muscles around the hips, lower back, and legs.

Our hamstrings can get tight when we sit too much or when we overtrain the quadriceps. When this happens, the hamstrings begin to pull down on the sit bones, making the pelvis and hips tight and flattening the natural curvature in the low back.

Create stability while welcoming in a relaxing release as we work to invite equilibrium to both mind and body. Build your practice toward Sleeping Vishnu Pose! Breathe deep, move mindfully, and enjoy!

Let me know how it goes for you in the comment section down below!

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  1. Abundantly beautiful practice 🙏🏽💕 Thank~you Adriene from the bottom of my heart ❤️ nothing makes me feel so wonderful – I’m so grateful for you and all the love you share with the world 💞 through your yoga 💞🧘🏼‍♀️ 🌏 God Bless you 🙏🏽💞

  2. I have a lot (too much) flexibility in my hips so I tend to lift my hips when stretching my legs. something I really need to watch and control better

  3. "This gentle class"???! Excuse me, is this a joke? This sequence in not gentle at all, at least for me! My leg started to hurt intensively when raised before Adriene even said to start flexing toes. Not many poses here, but very brutal on such sit-all-day people like me! I need to stretch with this video more.

  4. For five months I have suffered with sciatica. I have done your sciatica stretch and this practice as well. My life of physically active and enjoying my workouts have virtually come to a halt. Your videos are slowly helping me recover. I love them. Thank you.

  5. Loved this one 💙 been trying to do thirty days of yoga for some time now…missed the mark but that’s what goals are for. Going to finish out the year where I do and try again in January 🤞🏻

  6. I’m little late to the game, but so so thankful for you Adrienne (and Benji)! This practice did the trick to help me stretch out cranky hips, low back, and tight hamstrings as well as clear my lungs and head! SO Grateful for your videos!

  7. I've had a hip popping ish for years. YEARS. Every once in a while I find a workout or a yoga flow that drastically reduces the popping. This is one of those flows. Holy smokes! I'm cured-ish! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Adriene!

  8. I have been suffering low back pain for the past
    year. Was in physical therapy for four months. Still couldn't get quite back to normal, but after doing all your low back yoga several days a week, I feel like I am coming closer to home base. Thank you Adriene.

  9. I came from days of manual job, my back was contracted. Thanks a lot, for your positive attitude and your skills. When I-m tired I say to myself "I-m strong". LOVE!

  10. This practice felt amazing this morning. I sure stretched myself! Thank you for a beautiful empowering start for my day. Very grateful.

  11. Hello whoever is reading this. I hope Adriene sees it. My low back and sciatic gives me a lot of trouble. my hip and leg muscles are super tight, but through this workout it makes me feel like I won't always be this way. Maybe one day my legs will go straight like Adriene's do. Thank you Adriene for putting all your yoga on YouTube for free!!! It is changing my life!

  12. I'm on my feet on really unforgiving surfaces or at a desk 10-13 hrs in a typical workday so my hips and low back are really tight. This video helped me so much!

  13. Thanks Adriene and Bengi great session as usual …you’re very good at what you do 👏🌞🙏❤️😘👍🤛☘️👌😉🧘‍♂️

  14. I appreciated the low back and hamstring flow, a wonderful stretch and connection to self. Thank you, Adriene. You are amazing.

  15. not sure you even check these anymore but i finished. took me a while as i had to take a break at day 17, ankle injury at work, but thanks for still being here si I could get back to it.

  16. Grateful for this space. I've recently come back here after falling out of practice for a few months. I felt nervous about how my body was going to feel, and a little like I'd failed in not keeping up my everyday practice. But all I've felt is gratitude in being able to move in this way again. Thank you, Adriene! (and Benji of course!)

  17. Just found you yesterday, making one of your videos part of my routine every day and I am so grateful. Thank you for sharing these videos with the world. My legs, hips, and lower back LOVE YOU!

  18. you had me at stretchy low to the ground practice. I've been having terrible lower back, and hip pain and this was just the thing!

  19. I loved the practice, just what i needed between the full cleaning of the house and hanging out with my son, doing with him his homework… 30 minutes for myself! 🙂

  20. This was so relaxing post workout on a Saturday night alone in my room. I'm divorced, and so I am trying to just love myself more. Yoga helps with this, to care about myself, and also avoid injury, from other more intense worksouts. Thanks Adrienne, your truly wonderful to share your gift with us.

  21. thank you for sharing your yoga guidance. a much needed stretch of the body and mind today. excited to see the daily repetition results.

  22. I’ve done a LOT of yoga with adriene over the years- it’s all been amazing, but I gotta say, after a day of bathroom remodeling, this one had a little extra sauce. the colors in the video; so soothing as well. 😄

  23. I'm 23 weeks pregnant today, and I've been following this playlist since yesterday, as well as your monthly schedule (first time for me). with this video I found relief in my back. hope you do more new toga videos in the future. 🙏🏻

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