Why Mexico City's Geography SUCKS

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  1. Don't worry, those 20+ million people in Mexico City will eventually cross the US border illegally to find new homes.

  2. So was it humans or just Europeans who messed things up again? The Aztecs we’re doing fine with their water way systems that lol

  3. We gave them gold and they gave us mirrors. We were the sons of gods and were rich in astronomy but they imposed their god and brought ignorance to the land

  4. The city has more culture than the guy that made the video and the mocking comments…. oh sorry freedom of the keyboard warrior, never mind.
    Btw Berlin has the same characteristics

  5. Actually, glasses adjustment, it was a snake devouring a bird they were looking for, but because a snake represents evil in Christianity, the concurring Spaniard changed it to a eagle devouring a snake after burning all of their writings and books. It’s only from word of mouth that the actual story is known.

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