What yoga does to your body and brain – Krishna Sudhir

Explore the ancient tradition of yoga, and discover how its blend of physical and mental exercise impacts your health.

There are many different approaches to modern yoga— though most forms have three core elements: physical postures, breathing exercises, and spiritual contemplation.This blend of physical and mental exercise is widely believed to have a unique set of health advantages. But is yoga actually beneficial to your health? Krishna Sudhir examines how this ancient tradition impacts the body and mind.

Lesson by Krishna Sudhir, directed by Zsuzsanna Kreif.

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  1. Reading all these comments about how much yoga and meditation helped them survived diseases whether it be physically, mentally or emotionally, it really touches my heart. Such brave and beautiful souls I'm so proud for all of us.

  2. i met yoga a few years ago…after a hard break up i used it to heal and forget …it helped like miracle … during the two year of practice i was at the best of my form … since i stopped practicing…i don't know why …now that am a working mom my body hurts everywhere …. i intend to get back to it … any advice that you can give me?

  3. Ted ed actually make best best videos. Animation is always powerful. But when it comes to narrations, u should always choose locals of that particular. Cause pronounce right name is key . People always use pTanjaliee when it's *pťanjali*.

  4. I started practicing Ashtanga yoga years ago. I found a yogi who studied with K. Pattabhi Jois because I wanted to learn proper yoga not the commercialized yoga most studios offer. What an amazing journey it’s been. The benefits physically, mentally and emotionally are priceless.
    Vande Gurunam Charanaravinde Sandarshita Svatma Sukava Bodhe Nih Sreyase Jangalikayamane Samsara Halahala Mohashantyai

    Abahu Purushakaram Shankhacakrsi Dharinam Sahasra Sirasam Svetam Pranamami Patanjalim

  5. The brain attaches to the spinal cord and all the nerves if they are tight you are in distress yoga relaxes all that theres the proof of mental health improvements of yoga

  6. This video perfectly encapsulates the essence of yoga. I'm so glad to see yoga expanding throughout the world. I was a student of yoga myself and I loved it so much that I decided to build a career around yoga. I got my yoga instructor certificate from VaYU in USA.

    Love the video. Keep up the good work.

  7. Yoga is really beneficial for the body , using some herbal products like arjuna tea, neuro plan syrup , amla juice for overall health .Try it from planet ayurveda believe me your all problems will solve soon .

  8. Yoga is one of the best things you can practice to be healthy. It helps you live better and be a better person. You don't need to be athletic to do it, you just need to start and gain these benefits.

  9. Yoga has actually nothing to do with exercise.
    Yoga is a spiritual journey where you will reach a point where you can listen to your body.
    And the Yoga most people know from the gym is what people who learn Yoga do when they listen to their body.
    They stretch and feel the body's joy. But this is only a very small part of Yoga. Yoga is about awareness most of all.

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