After living in Mexico for about 15 months, these are the things that actually scare us about living here in this country.
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The media paints Mexico as a dangerous place, so we had lots of fears about traveling through the country. After living here for 15 months, our fears about Mexico have changed.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Our story goes like this…
In January of 2018, we made the bold decision to sell everything we owned and leave our lives in the United States to travel through Mexico. All we could take with us in our tangerine-colored Prius C was a few suitcases and our husky Laska.

This Mexico travel video is broken up into 4 sections. Our fears/concerns:
1. Before crossing the border into Mexico;
2. After crossing the border and 1 month into our travels;
3. 6 months after starting to travel Mexico; and
4. In the present day (15 months after living in Mexico).

Some of the fears and concerns we discuss in this vlog:
– Is Mexico as dangerous as the media leads people to believe?
– Do tourists / travelers have to worry about violence in Mexico?
– Is Mexico filled with crooked cops?
– What are the roads like in Mexico? Will our car be okay driving them?
– Is the food / water safe in Mexico?
– Is it a huge mistake to quit our careers and leave our comfortable life in the US to start traveling in Mexico?
– What is it like driving in Mexico? How do we avoid accidents?
– Do we have to worry about military checkpoints in Mexico?
– Are roadblocks in Mexico cause for concern?
– Can we stay in Mexico legally?
– Should we worry about scams in Mexico?
– How do we get packages and deliveries in Mexico?

After 15 months living in Mexico, we realize that some of our initial fears were unfounded and others were legitimate. What we can say with certainty, however, is that how Mexico is portrayed in the media is night and day compared to reality.

In January 2018, we sold everything we owned in the US (except our husky Laska & what fit in our tiny, tangerine Prius C3) to travel the world—starting with Mexico. Since then, we’ve been making travel videos about our life in Mexico and the new experiences we encounter while traveling the world. If you’d like to join our shenanigans, subscribe to our YouTube channel. You can also poke around our social media to find out what we’re up to each week.

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  1. You guys are so funny. It sounds crazy for you living there, but as a Mexican it is so diff for me. maybe it is time to upload a new video showing how it is diff for Mexicans vs another race. great content btw. thanks for the diff point of view. hope you guys are still traveling.

  2. Hola, creo que no tendrían tanto miedo de los militares o policías en las carreteras si su sociedad no consumieran tantas drogas, pues de su país llegan armas y dólares y México pone los muertos, los soldados exponen sus vidas para que la droga no llegue a su sociedad, conozco familias que han pe
    reído a un padre o un hijo, cuando vean a los militares digan gracias por exponer su vida para que no llegue droga a su país, en serio, gracias!!!

  3. Mexico is awesome. The people are super nice and as you mentioned its not nearly as dangerous as we Americans say it is. The only real danger is that we love drugs so much in America that there are big cartels in Mexico. But I've never seen any hint of them in all my trips to Mexico.

  4. I think the yardstick for a place's worthiness is what would happen in an emergency? eg – if you fell over with a heart problem on the street or something else, will people come to help you or go through your pockets? or will they walk straight past you..

  5. I live in Oregon, and I literally was born in a hospital like 5 miles from the house I live in now. So I have barely made it out of my state let alone another countries. You guys really seem like you enjoy your life & this has kind of motivated me to make some changes and see more of the world. We are only here for a short amount of time & I should be grateful for these amazing places that we could go see. All you have to do is be willing to step out of your comfort zone, and these experiences last a lifetime, I am sure this is some thing that you guys will think about and treasure when you’re older, I love your channel guys keep up the great work.

  6. i got engaged in mexico city in 2011 and woke up on our last day very sick. ohhhh so sick. i was throwing up into a bag my wife was holding as we took off on the plane to playa del carmen (by way of cancun). a very rough 24-36 hours indeed.

  7. Doing what you did takes courage and vision. I was told all the same things before my move. And you're right… no one has served me water they wouldn't drink themselves.

  8. Here are reasons I would never move to Mexico:
    1. Gangs will do road blocks. Then stop the cars passing and rob them or kill them and take their cars and property.
    2. The police and city officials in many towns are bought off by the gangs and won't help you follow up on crimes against you.
    3. At any moment your car or home can be broken into because gangs travel from town to town commiting crimes.
    4. If you are a tourist, you will stick out big time, making you an easier target.
    5. Earthquakes are a massive problem in Mexico and when they hit hundreds can die in an instant.
    6. The language barrier will make you feel very isolated and alone even in the middle of the busiest areas.
    7. The more the U.S. government puts border policies and sanctions against Mexico, the more Americans are hated there.
    8. If your car breaks down in many of those small towns you are in deep s**t !! walking for help could be miles away.
    9. Many homes there don't have proper glass windows just horizontal slats to let air in. Intruders can break those easily.
    10. Good luck calling the police on the phone if you don't speak Spanish.

    Overall, Mexicans are very good people and very respectful. But, they are not the problem. The problem are the 5 to 10 percent criminals that are scattered throughout the country and take turns robbing different towns nationwide since the local governments of each town don't communicate with other towns to let them know of crime sprees. They should have all police precincts connected through a computer database so that every town knows in real time of all crimes and pass on to each other possible photos or videos of criminals that need to be arrested. People, just please take these things into consideration. Just because any of the above things have not happened to you, doesn't mean that these things don't happen. Stay safe all.

  9. Non op n stop insurance in USA
    Because u using in MX , pay car permit every 6 months? + Insurance in MX ? Unless u come back US sometimes in year ,??

  10. I wish everyone would get rid of their 3BR house and all the crap in it, whether they go travel or not. People have way too much stuff and it ends up ruling their lives.

  11. I want to go back to Mexico and explore it more. Unfortunately my first expedition to Mexico nearly ended in a kidnapping, so I've been extremely cautious in returning. What cities are the safest, please don't say Cancun! =p

  12. Luv you guys. Stay safe I have been going to Mexico for about 20 years now and I have experienced everything you guys talk about. It does get a little scary but I stay positive I love Mexico and it’s people some I call family till this day. Keep up the great videos and I will continue to support you guys anyway I can.

  13. Maddie…do you realise how often you cut Jordan off when he’s speaking…I mean as in not waiting for him to finish his thought before talking over him? It makes him come over as kind of weak (and I’m sorry, but I’m not trying to be mean or gratuitously nasty…it’s just an observation) and so concurrently you being one of those extremely annoying girls who dominate their man. I’m sure that that’s not the totally correct dynamic, but as I said, it comes dangerously close to LOOKING like that!! That said, you’re a lovely looking couple and very watchable!! I’ve started rooting for you anyway lol!! And that dog (Laska?) is absolutely beautiful…though I bet she/ he gets extremely hot down there…I hope she gets enough water and cool air lol!! 🥰🌟🧡

  14. Respectfully, why would you sell your business and all your belongings just to visit Mexico? It is my understanding that even with a temporary visa in Mexico , you can only stay in Mexico for four years maximum. Did you upgrade to a permanent visa? Is it wise to dismantle your lives in the US for just a finite stay in a foreign country? Just saying… Anyway good luck!

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