Third Journalist Killed In Mexico Since Start Of 2022

Telemundo News anchor Julio Vaqueiro speaks on the deaths of three journalists in Mexico since the start of 2022. Mexican criminal groups “control governments, officials, police departments,” so “reporters are “running up very big risks.”

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Third Journalist Killed In Mexico Since Start Of 2022


  1. Micro Soft National Broadcasting Company, is now pretending open borders has nothing to do with it. Bill Gates must drink to have this on his private new company.

  2. Romans 13:1-4 Where are the REAL powers thar be??? Those people who detain bad people and their ideas, and bad operations and get rid of them. Mark 11:22 Have faith in God as Jesus tells us. Revelation 21:3,4

  3. THOSE ARE VERY LOW NUMBERS, for delivering “truckloads of fake news”. Your police must be better than ours.
    DEFUND AMERICAN POLITICIANS, by stopping their cocaine supply. Then,

  4. Solution: Mexican journalist work with Mexican American journalist. Mexicans in Mexico can handle the investigative work and Mexicans in the US can report/write/ghost write the actual stories.

  5. These murderers are the kind of people who biden is letting in with an open border just so he can keep the democrat child trafficking business working, otherwise the border would have been closed to keep these criminals out.

  6. So to help out here, this is a problem for Mexico starting in the 60's. But I'm glad you think its new. That's why families are fleeing here to safety. omg people come on its not that hard go educate yourself. Don't you want to know facts about what your talking about? repeating lies on Fox news is not a fact. And anyone who watched that crap ,well…. you know. Just please educate yourself maybe go to a government site that can explain what has happened then and how it affects the now. Maybe you wouldn't be so angry because your afraid of brown people because their different. Maybe you can see past your bias. Maybe find out where that Bia formed and what you can do to be a better American and follow our Constitution and Christian values. These comments not very Christian! Theses are our brothers and sister. Gods children. Fighting for their lives in a corrupt country. But lets keep vacationing there while we complain. Right? Right?

  7. That's what happens in countries without laws and are truly corrupt from top down. GOD bless those journalist's who stand up for truth and justice.

  8. Mexico is one of the most dangerous countries on the planet. Look at the murder statistics. Like I say. Common sense is a conspiracy theory to the left

  9. So glad we are allowing our southern border to be overrun on a daily basis, letting in whomever wants to run across. Again, why are democrats against secure borders? Republicans aren’t against immigrants, just against illegal immigrants. Why are democrats ok with illegal immigration?

  10. Mexico is a mess, the Mexican marines had to invade the Alcapulco police department for running drug gangs… I wonder when we will do the same here in the states

  11. Meanwhile back in the states you have right wingers and magas wishing they could do the same to journalists. Trumps wet dream. Well,second wet dream after onkel Vlad!

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