They warned me NOT to do this in Mexico (& LIFE UPDATE)

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I went against everyone’s advice and did what I like best: I went camping alone! This time, on a beach in Mexico 🔥 But something very important is missing… (and that’s kind of the point). Would you do this?

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  1. I know things are changing in my personal life, but I ask you not to take sides or make rash judgments. Before commenting on my new situation, ask yourself how it would feel if someone did it to you. After all, we're all just real humans (surprise surprise, I am too!). ❤
    I really hope that Odyssey can rejoin us from the next video! Let's see if she arrives in Mexico whole and unharmed 😉

  2. I first found your channel after odyssey was in American. Then this specific video was in my feed and I have to say I have a new respect for you Eva. Thank you for sharing your perspective.

  3. I had people warning me about not going to Mexico when people found out where I was going around 2012-2013. Mexico was fun, and I had a good time out there, and I never felt unsafe at any time while I was there, Mexico is a beautiful country!

  4. Life Update was a surprise. I feel sad for you and him, but agree moving forward hopefully is better for both. Feel better and let ur heart heal. Merci

  5. I love the channel and your journey but sometimes dangers are just plain fact. The last two women that tried to prove this had videos of their beheading posted to their own personal facebook pages for their family to witness. Some things shouldn't be debated, some things come down to being lucky. The next lone man or woman that copies this may not be so 'lucky'.

  6. Just started watching your vids last week when your Texas videos came through and YouTube thought, You Darrel are a Texan, maybe this girls videos would interest you!.
    Broccoli raw is best eaten with…. Ranch dressing!!!!
    I have a burning question, you have such a charming British accent…. How did a Polish girl end up speaking english with a charming British accent?????

  7. Thanks for making this Video! Love traveling to Mexico. I was shocked at how many people don’t leave their resorts and its sad the fear is holding them back from exploring more of the beauty Mexico has to offer! Videos like this will hopefully help some of those people move past the fear and adventure further! You are inspirational just found your channel you got a new subscriber! telling my friends too 💜

  8. I thought you started in Veracruz. The sun rises on the beach in Veracruz. Where are you that the sunsets on the beach? Yucatan?

  9. 10:19 Please tell me that you didn't sleep with a hundred little "come investigate the odd light" beacons around you….

  10. Old Special Forces officer and Ranger instructor here — good for you. Just a little advice. Look at nature. It will tell you where the area protected from the wind is. Look at the dunes behind you. The were piled up by the wind. So, they will block the wind on the landward side.

  11. Just seeing your channel, excellent images, – good to realize your dreams. But, if you are living 'in the wild' then you need to think like a Hunter/Jaeger/Mysliwy, not act like Prey/Ziel/Cel.
    Look at 13:55 and the pattern of footprints; you made a camp in the middle of a trail, that is obvious, dangerous.
    Just move 15 yards/meters to the left into the existing hollow at the bottom of the frame and you'd be out of sight, off the beaten path, and safer. Simply throw a beach blanket or camo mesh over yourself and you are invisible.
    When you're going through the Pacific Northwest, consider doing an episode with a big game guide, to learn how to read game trails, animal movements, understand livestock territorial displays, and where to setup camp in relation to trails.

  12. We are here for the universe to experience itself through our eyes. I am so happy that you are living life the way it should be.

  13. Wonderful video Eva and wish you all the best. I shared your story with my step daughter as a point of inspiration in travel, adventure and bravery! You go girl! Also, our house backs up to the woods and I'm eyeing a chaise lounge for a sleep out one night soon! Thanks to you!

  14. Eva, I love your videos, though this one was a bit scary. I have a question about the creation of your videos. I can see that you are holding an extended smart phone unipod for many of your snippets, but it's obvious that you must be using a drone for the high altitude shots and a tripod for distance shots over four feet or so. All of this seems it would be so time consuming that you'd hardly have time to brush your teeth, not to mention sleep. So my guess is that you are NOT ALONE on this adventure and have a photographer/drone operator managing those other duties I've mentioned. Tell me if I'm wrong and how you otherwise do it, please!

  15. Sorry to hear about your breakup, sweetie. And yes, broccoli, cauliflower, and squash are my three favorite things to eat raw. Try it with some buttermilk Ranch dressing! Yummy! I slice the squash about 1/8 thick, as well, I do this with cucumbers and just dippem’ right into the dressing. Love from Texas! 🤠👍

  16. Watching this episode reminded me of a life 40 years ago.Sleeping in the sandhills of a beach near a small village I awoke to find footprints all around me very close to the point of touching.Well there was wild horse prints and also dingo prints.They were more interested in me.I would never had slept near car tracks in the sand but on another note I feel the urge to hit the road again.I might have to stop watching your journey

  17. I hate how youtubers keep demonizing Mexico and yet they keep coming here. I have traveled everywhere across the country and never had the slightest problem. México is a big, great and beautiful country. One of the world essential cultures, so if you want to keep away is your loss. There are more than a million Americans that chose to live in Mexico, I do not need to wonder why.

  18. Back in the mid 1980's my wife and I would beach camp on the California coast in a medium sized tent. We already had a house with a mortgage and were just 23 years old. Camping was a short drive away most of the time and she loved to BBQ breakfast in the fog. We almost always felt safe but invariably we were approached by beggars every morning. This was forty years ago. RIP my wife who has been gone 5 years now.

  19. Good for you Eva, I take my hat off to you for sleeping out on the beach in a foreign country.
    It looks so natural & peaceful so it makes sense that you'd want to see what it feels like to
    sleep under the stars beside the ocean. I think your awesome for giving it a go in Mexico,
    well done you rock girl 🙂

  20. Mexico is safer than the rest of Latin America and as safe as the US where in 5 months they had more than 200 mass shootings plus all the crimes every day everywhere, but you do need to be careful and don’t do crazy things.😀

  21. We all roll the dice in life, Some more than others. Knowing there are consequences for your decisions and owning them is the secret.

  22. Many nights I slept under the stars in the Army. But I was younger then, and surrounded by my well armed friends. Much respect to you Eva!

  23. Being out there all alone with no shelter you are lucky a chupacabra didn't come get you! 🙂

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