We have been contemplating whether to sail across the pacific to New Zealand this season, but came to the conclusion that it would be best to sail there early next year, and instead we will sail all the way up to Mexico. There was a lot of thought that went into the decision, as explained in this episode!

SV Parlay is a hurricane damaged Lagoon 450 catamaran, which Colin rebuilt with friends and has started sailing around the world. They found bulkhead damage on their catamaran in Panama, so have fixed her up, and are almost ready to cross the Pacific Ocean!!

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  1. Clamato is actually an American thing. Started in US but Canada uses it more now than US while Mexico uses it even more than Canada. US does the red eye or clam eye or red beer with it. Canada same but also a Caesar. Mexico does a lot with it. Great for hangovers with beer, hot sauce, maybe a little horseradish in it.

  2. Bit of a BULLSHIT story there lads Sailing TRITEIA Is currently heading to TAHITI from TIKEHAU sailing single handed
    He has sailed from LA to HAWAII to RANGIROA and NO mention of CLOSED islands
    You can follow him on Predictwind Triteia

  3. Colin, hopefully you get some great surf as you head North up into Costa Rica. Pavones is one of the best waves in the world. It’s fickle and doesn’t break all too often but when it’s on, it’s world class. Other places to stop would be: Playa Dominical, Playa Hermosa, Nosara, Playa Langosta, Witches Rock.

    It’s a beautiful country just full of excellent surf spots!

  4. Colin capt derek here. when you see spinner dolphins keep a eye for yellowfin tuna and fish with cedar plugs. Just did a delivery on bali 4.0 from papagayo Costa Rico to Puerto Vallarta. So much sea life heading north. Have a safe trip.

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