Palenque Mexico: Waterfalls, Monkeys and Mayan Ruins | Travel Docs Episode 03 | Palenque, Mexico

The Palenque Mayan Ruins (Mexico) are located in the north of Chiapas, close to the city of Palenque. Their ancient temples are hidden deep within the Mexican jungle and it is one of the most important Mayan ruins sites in Mexico.

During our stay in Palenque we have visited multiple incredible locations that were worth documenting. In the video you can find the amazing blue waterfalls at Roberto Barrios, where you can go for a refreshing dive within the beautiful jungle that Mexico offers. These stunning cascades aren’t controlled by the Mexican gouvernment but still belong to the indeginous people of the area.

Another awesome place worth mentioning is Casa Bambutan, a cute place with jungle type bungalows that we had found on We had read somewhere that you could see howler monkeys there, but we had never expected to see them the way we did. It was such an amazing experience! 2 times a day, you will hear to very impressive sound of these howler monkeys travel through the jungle. It is amazing!

In case you will visit Palenque (or Mexico in general), we would highly recommend you to go and visit the Mayan Ruins and the amazing waterfalls at Roberto Barrios. And of course check if you will see some wild monkeys, it is magical!


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0:00 Palenque Mexico: Intro
0:10 What makes Palenque so amazing?
0:24 Palenque Mayan Ruins
1:24 Wild Howler Monkeys (and other animals)
2:15 When was the Mayan site build?
2:39 How did the ancient Mayans live?
2:59 Is the Mayan culture still alive today?
3:28 The cascades of Robert Barrios

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Palenque Mexico: Waterfalls, Monkeys and Mayan Ruins | Travel Docs Episode 03 | Palenque, Mexico

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