On the Front Line With Mexico’s Warring Cartels

The end of 2021 will mark 15 years since the start of Mexico’s “guerra contra el narcotráfico,” a war against drug trafficking that officially began in December 2006, when thousands of soldiers were deployed to topple the cartel terrorizing the state of Michoacán. The war soon spread and plunged the entire country into a downward spiral of violence that continues today.

The current war in Michoacán is between the powerful Jalisco New Generation Cartel or CJNG, led by a notorious kingpin known as El Mencho, and an alliance of groups known as the United Cartels. Some communities also rely on citizen-led militias to battle the cartels.

VICE News reporter Keegan Hamilton and producer Miguel Fernández Flores traveled to the epicenter of the conflict in Michoacán, meeting cartel members on both sides and seeking to understand if anything will or can change for the better.

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  1. But if I was a cartel, I would build over the cities taken over, I would protect the villages to make me money 😐

    I would build military fortresses, take over the government just like taliban

    They need to think big

  2. If they die for it, then it was worth it. Really? The war on drugs has been happening for many years. When they get killed for drugs and money, they'll be forgotten and it's never a guarantee that their family will live well after their death. The leaders they work for will never care or protect them, since they live in glory. They work for leaders who live lavishly. Being in a cartel may at times give you an experience in luxury, but there's a time limit. What a sad life.

  3. Are they farmers or basically the Woo/Choo equivalent of Mexican Cartels? Those are two completely different things Vice


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  6. Vice comin in with another hit,Good job!! I always wondered how the hell can vice find them and the government can't ? Weird

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  9. Hey Vice there is more to Mexico than guns and drugs, why is every report in Mexico about guns and drugs are you trying to ruin the country or something?

  10. 18:19 Guy on the left: tries grabbing a tortilla for his meat

    Guy in the middle:"Don't touch the fucking tortilla you already had 7 motherfucker."

    Guy on the right: 👀

    Guy on the left: backs up

    Guy in the middle defending grill: 👁👁

  11. mientras tanto en monterrey (capital insdutrial vecino del municipio mas rico de america latina) los imbeciles idolatran a esas mierdas…. viva mexico (notese el sarcasmo)

  12. i was at michoacán when the fight happened 😔 i will forever have the gunshot noises in my head. this world is crazy.

  13. These videos are so scripted. It just so happens that the day you decide to film with a cartel, that there are THREE national guard trucks coming to get them. So coincidental right?

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  19. i was actually shocked when VICE literally started filming and the first thing was a GJNG member
    damn VICE

  20. Now, all countries need inviolable 1st and 2nd Amendments to help discern truth, and the safety of the people and civilization!

  21. The guy being interviewed is El m2 . brother of el r7 or el piolin who was one of the biggest heads of ctng in tijuana .


  23. VICE is pseudo black opps or CIA Agent arming, funding, and coordinating with drug cartels and then are used to attack legitimate governments. Mainly, it's another DEA/CIA arms TRAFFICKING operative or intelligence operative.

  24. Los que cobran cuota roban y secuestran son los carteles unidos alos que pertenece ese guey de blanco que está hablando

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