1. i’m wondering if your hands aren’t sweaty or they don’t get sweaty will u slip and slide

  2. I have seen tall girls kind of struggle with yoga mats because they aren’t wide enough. I think that most yoga mat makers don’t realize that the mats need to be wide enough and long enough lol.

  3. I saw this lady the other day who made a video almost just like this one. Everyone in the comments kept saying it was a rip off of your mat, and it is. Honestly I can't believe people have the nerve to try and take others designs and say it's theirs 🙄. I wish you best of luck girl!!!! 😆you are an amazing business owner ❤

  4. But is it tall enough for a 6'1 13 year old 😂

    JK JK JK you're amazing girly 💖💖💖

  5. I think you should definitely make the mat bigger because if you are doing like a push-up and then you have to put your arms out I'm not sure what that calls but if you need to do that and your hands hit the ground it's going to be much harder to do what you want to do so I think you should make you mad wider

  6. Okay this is like your math is perfect but you have something to hold it like something can hurt you can pack like drinks the yoga mats course and more stuff will fit like why by all snacks and and if you create that while after like you are people want to do it like do yoga house while we can do if they want to go somewhere then they can bring stuff you should like something with pockets for it like drinks and stuff like that

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