Most Dangerous State of Mexico / Narcos War Zones / How people live

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My people, today I will show you a country were even police drives around with gunmen for security. We’ll visit the Guerrero state mountains, home of the largest heroine plantations in the country. We’ll talk to local gang members, who weigh their cash, because it is quicker to count it that way.
These people don’t just control a shop or a street, nope, not even districts, instead they control villages and towns!

It’s the Guerrero State, where half of Mexico’s heroine production takes place. Honestly, when I was on my way to Mexico, I had no idea this trip will turn out to be one of the most insane trips of my life, all due to the fact that Mexico is now experiencing a new evolution of drug wars, and today I’ll visit cities with no army, no police, since it’s narcos, who control them!

Welcome to How do People Live by Lyadov from Mexico!

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  1. Why don’t you show the rural lives of people living in Mehico…that’s the reality of this country….biggest corrupted country with a golden hand shake b/w cartels & govt…GDP is all bullshit

  2. Always very good documentaries, but your audio is often painfully off…..first quiet then suddenly loud, and slow down your narrating a bit and you will have some of the best documentaries all together

  3. wait, hold up. India kills its journalists? wtf? they are most brazen and annoying pests shoving mics in every single hole of your body yet no one, not even the cops touch them here

  4. Crime is a cancer, it kills everything. The cause is the government, they have the power to make or break but they're too focused on lining their own pockets.

  5. This dude is cool journalist, he has passion for what he does. I just wish he would know when not to push it too much in dangerous scenarios it's not worth the "content"

  6. And they’re all coming into the USA all because of our ridiculous so called president Biden and his regime! California may as well be called Mexico now! It’s so dangerous here especially in San Francisco, and Oakland! Also, DON’T GET THE JAB PEOPLE! It’s our corrupt government’s way of thinning out the population! They use a common virus to scare people and they lie to us citizens

  7. @Pues, ya cadas unos hagan lo k dará ganas!!! Gentes vienen y van! Mismo govierno Mexicano esta colapsado! Solo estan concentrados a astafar y saquear!! En México no hay,ni existe las normas y ordenes! Sigan viniendos los migrantes,o lo k que sean.Este movimiento no va a parar y siempre sera lo mismo. Asi es Mexico! 85% k cruzan ilegamente son mismo MEXICANOS a EEUU!! Carteles destruye Mexico! AMLO dice y contadice siempre hasta al dia! Es su caracter! El es asi pues. Marcelo, claudia , sandoval todos son iguales!!! K viva triste Mexico! No hay frontera ni norte y sur. todos estan abierto!!! Es un pais clandestino! SOlo pueblos mexicano sufren de verdad!

  8. Naw people don't just get shot here for no reason they shot you down because you did something you weren't suppose to do i live here i Guerrero its actually very calm due to covid and even before it was still calm just gotta mind your own business

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