1. I’m a beginner I enjoy this lesson 1 level 1 is there more for a beginners I have sciatic nerve damage in my back and my left and right arm I’m trying to get well and get back to work

  2. OH MY GOD this is the first ever yoga lesson of my life and THIS IS AWSOME
    definitely gonna do this everyday 😍

  3. hi MJ
    you are amazing, live the way you teach.
    could you please post a video of suryanamaskar ?

  4. was just watching to see if I should do it… then you made that Darth Vader joke, I'm in! grabbing the matt now! lol!

  5. This is the first time I do yoga, I don't really know how to do, are there exercises to do before starting lessons? When it should be done? Thank you for your help, see you soon!

  6. Just found your fab yoga tutorials and have followed your morning sequence just now! Feel great! Thanks!

  7. Last Friday we did a morning yoga practice video. If you missed it then I have listed it below. Really you can use it for afternoon or anytime of the day. Be sure and like me and subscribe to my on Youtube. Thanks for the support!

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