Migrant Caravan: Thousands In Mexico Moving Towards U.S. Border

Thousands of the migrants are facing multiple challenges as they move from southern Mexico towards the U.S. border. NBC News’ Vaughn Hillyard reports.

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  1. I know this might sound weird, but in my belief, if people started to invade/illegally go to America, then what will happen to us citizens who work hard to stay here?
    The width between the rich and the poor are only going to spread wider, and it's dangerous for us as citizens because we could potentially lose our jobs and homes because of many people coming to America illegally. They're gonna have to reduce the natural economy to make roads and streets and houses and apartment complexes, what will happen to the species living in water and on land? You're only going to endanger them too.

    If anyone watched Arcane here, you're gonna know what I mean. It's DANGEROUS to spread the poor and rich even more, the people are going to start a rebellion. The country is going to collapse, and we're going to be nothing but dust.

    In my opinion, what we should start doing is to help neighboring countries and get funds/donations for countries like Mexico or Venezuela, which have horrible living conditions, especially for kids and pregnant women who are generally weaker of the bunch. Even if it may be hard, we have to work together, to not only have better relations, but to save future generations.

  2. Why didn't the cartels stop them. And I'm sorry somebody's funding them coming no big group of people like that is just walking with kids and everything. And if somebody had a gun I guarantee you they wouldn't be pushing through.

  3. When your forefathers came to America, they bring blankets with themselves for natives, Thanks GOD these people just want to work in USA and not brought any blanket
    You Know

  4. I read lot of comments, stating stop these people. But my question is where you American came from? America was soil of natives, you came here that is legal but someone else come that is illegal? Double standards.
    Every person in this planet have right to go anywhere in this world, who created visas. We are all free

  5. First of all, I am a Mexican person and all those migrants out there are people who seek the American dream and why do they do it !? In Mexico, most of the population is poor and they live in fear of drug traffickers. Every day there are shootings, deaths, tortured and kidnappings, that is why many people want to go to a place with good opportunities with a good salary and a life for their family.

  6. Do they plan on joining all our homeless or is biden giving them money and rights for crossing our border illegally.

    Lifetime achievement for biden= being renamed to Brandon.

  7. And just what do these people expect to do for work once they reach their destination? How many will be allowed to stay in the US? How many will just be turned lose inside the US with the naive expectation they'll show up for a court date?

  8. Mexico has a lot of blame because they are just letting them roll on through. Dems want them because they need the cheap labor to clean their houses and mow their lawns. Who are they gonna get now that all the workers here quit working? Well, they have a whole caravan to exploit!! Seems legit.

  9. I hope you biden supporters are trully happy.Biden has already released 600,000 illegals into the country,many more tocome,no vacines,no vett eing. Biden wants an open border,everyonebwho applys for asylum is released into country,Takes years for court date,40 percent show up for court date.GO TEAM BIDEN> russell wayne boyd..

  10. Trump would've put up the wall we wouldn't have this problem right now. Millions that are going to get free medical, dental, housing, food stamps. And, why? Is this going to make America great again or ruin it. Build the wall to stop this invasion, duh.

  11. Brandon will let them all in. This is why we can't get rid of covid. This is why 372k & counting died under Biden. LET'S GO BRANDON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Come on in…….you now I have all the freedoms that come with being an American citizen. One of these rights is to be able to vote in local, state, and national elections within the United States of America upon becoming 18 years of age. We wish you nothing but success, we hope that you keep in mind that the U.S. President and members of the U.S. Congress, who made it incredibly easy for you to become a citizen of the United States after a presumably long, difficult, and life threatening journey, were members of the DEMOCRATIC POLITICAL PARTY…….SO WHEN THERE IS AN ELECTION VOTE FOR EVERY DEMOCRAT DOWN THE LINE……YOU, AND EVERY SINGLE PERSON YOU KNOW SHOULD TELL EVERY SINGLE PERSON YOU/THEY KNOW FROM WHERE YOU/THEY MADE THE JOURNEY FROM TO CALL HOME AND TELL MORE OF YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY MEMBERS TO COME BECOME A CITIZEN OF THE GREAT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!

    Please keep in mind: If your having trouble obtaining the "American Dream" just blame it on 'racism' and 'white privilege'……..and of course VOTE DEMOCRAT!

  13. I think not everyone should go to US Freely bc some just cause more problems only those who want to get a job and do good for the US im a Mexican American and my parents came from Mexico to US illegally yet they dont do anything but work hard and try to get enough money to one day go back to there home unlike some Americans tht where born here and they dont have a homes but they had a chance to get free education my parents didn’t have that chance but yet they own two houses all by working in the fields and construction

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