Migrant Caravan Of Venezuelans Heads North Through Mexico

Thousands of Venezuelan migrants stranded in southern Mexico for months set off on a northbound caravan on Monday in hopes of reaching the U.S. border.

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  1. * Step one: don't help set your own country up for success.
    * Step two: choose a better country but don't help set it up for success anywhere in its history.
    * Step three: sneak in to the better country. Do it yourself or send unsupervised kids by themselves. Expect freebies to be doled out and produce your victim pass when questioned.

  2. Welcome Venezuelans! Come into our country and prosper much the way the Americans did in my country, after they stole it, and caused us to have nothing taking everything from us, water land food sources everything our people live in the streets now much like in the USA “mainland”. Please bring us the best of what your people have to offer, that’s what I have to tell myself when the Americans come over here to Hawaii and invade us and steal our lands I pray for God to send us the best that they have to offer, but it doesn’t really work that well, somehow Americans come to Hawaii they just start stealing everything that’s not nailed down around here lol

  3. Great…How lovely, don't worry Uncle Joe is gonna fly u in on unmarked planes then bused to various destinations under the cover of darkness..I hope they move right next door, 15 deep in a 2 BDR to everyone who voted for this current administration.. THANKS A LOT JOE !!

  4. They need to know how much things cost, how much they will be expected to pay, the cost of rent.
    It would be wiser if these countries allowed Americans to open up businesses over there.

  5. Pretty sad Americans dont even know there own History. How about before complaining about the Migrants you open a History book and see why they are coming. Spoilers its because America overthrown there Democratically Elected Socialist Governments in favor of Military Fascist Dictatorships that were in Favor of Capitalism and started 100 years of Instability

  6. With a 28% approval rating, voters are abandoning Biden, as they sour on the job he's doing as president. The only modern president to score lower, was Richard Nixon.

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