Mexico’s Zacatecas turns into the latest battleground for cartels

Zacatecas state in central Mexico is turning into the latest battleground between Mexico’s ever-multiplying number of criminal gangs.
One small community has felt the brunt of the fight in the past two months.

Al Jazeera’s John Holman reports from Las Ermeetas, Mexico.

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  1. It's unfortunate that people have to live in fear. What's even worst is that the cartels way over power the government. The cartels also have more people in them than the government has soldiers.

  2. Q triste q se enfoquen en lo q está pasando en mi bello pais, no niego q haya violencia q se generó gracias a los gobiernos anteriores por eso está pasando es la triste herencia peeeeeeeeerooo no exageren acabo de regresar de Zacatecas y no vimos ni nos paso nada creo q deben ver tbn lo bueno pero como lo malo vende mmm en fin

  3. Wow! A Jazeera Taking note in zacatecas is e Wild place now days the news only talks about the new governor and How greait he is
    Political class
    New form of goverment is preparin for e long endurance

  4. I’m devastated, this was my family’s home state, I was hoping to see it one day, now I probably won’t.

  5. American corporations took over the Mexican Gold and Silver mines in Zacatecas…
    since then… Violence started.

  6. It’s quite simple. There are a lot of poor people in Mexico and there is a lot of junkies in the USA. Drugs flow cause the need for income is high south, and the demand for narcotics is insane in the north. it’s a fu”kin” mental asylum.

  7. To all Latino people living here in the US, learn from the people of Mexico and other fail states. Do not give up your 2nd Amendment Rights. Do not vote to eliminate guns in this country. No hagan caso al Democrata. Son mentirosos. Mis vis abuelos son de Zacatecas, Zac.

  8. Fm no kids get hurt no baby's in hands our area is safe news is fake remember some news in Mexico is made up for safety reasons

  9. Plz remember there is bad people that eat humans called CJNG AND TURN INTO DIABLOS IT A RITUALS BYE TAKE CARE MEXICO LOS AMO

  10. Que tristeza, soy de Zacatecas y en lugar de ser conocida por su arquitectura barroca, la conocen por la delincuencia 😔😔😔😔


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