Mexico's 7-Eleven Went TOO FAR!! Epic Convenience Store Tour in Playa del Carmen!

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This isn’t your usual convenience store! We’re trying 7-eleven in Mexico! Are you hungry?
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  1. It would be great if you can let both Calvin and Thuyen show up! It is going to be a short hilarious sitcom

  2. When I was a young man in my twenties, used to hit the local seven eleven for a jumbo burrito and slurry when I left the bar run on Saturday nights, if I didn't grab that I would get a quart of chocolate milk and a pack of twinkys. I hit a grocery store once with a few friends, I ended up getting a 20oz Coke and a bag of jerky. I shared the jerky with my friends and the next morning I was cleaning out my car and found the jerky. It was beff jerky for dogs and I along with my friends thought it was great stuff. I never told them but this just proves "Everything goes good with Coke". LOL

  3. I’m from Texas and we have a lot of those snacks our corner stores. I’ve tried some of the candies and bars. Might have to back and try some new ones!!!

  4. I can 100% tell you is really psycological I was fat my whole life and basically one day I was like im fr gonna change this and in 5 months I lost 65 pounds

  5. Chicharrón is the best. I love it. It’s bad for you health wise but it’s so tasty especially with some picante and lime

  6. What’s funny is that all those snacks you grabbed in the first bit you can find in the States. They are imported. At least on the West Coast.

  7. First noom found you to sponsor you because it's absolutely crap and a rip off go to a Facebook weight loss group for free and second awesome vid sonny but you shouldn't be pushing noom

  8. Im Mexican but the US gas stations have way better snacks than mexico their chips suck

  9. Stupid label warnings. As if you need Big Brother to tell you you are eating junk. Stupid government overreach.

  10. 2:07 molasses and cinnamon candy
    5:06 alhambre de carne con queso (meat and cheese burrito)
    5:48 barbacoa con frijoles (meat and beans burrito)
    6:28 agua fresca
    6:43 pinguinos (crème filled cupcake)
    7:01 choco roles with pineapple
    7:38 gansito pastelito (jelly and crème cake)
    8:03 barritas pina and fresca (pineapple and strawberry bars)
    10:20 ruffles salsa roja (mega crunchy chips)
    10:52 chicharron (pork rinds)
    11:19 que antojos (chips with chamoy sauce)
    11:52 kacang habanero (fried peanuts)
    12:18 chapulines con ajo (grasshoppers with garlic)

  11. Nice! Ads before the video,ads in the video, and ads during the video(by youtube) thumbs down and reported for spam

  12. Y'all were reaching pretty far with this video. Really 711! Stick to the good shit. I like most of your videos though.

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