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I’ve spent 3 out of the last 5 weeks in Mexico and it has been truly AMAZING!! Before this trip, I had only been to the touristy coastal cities but the people and culture in this country are what makes it so special.

Unfortunately, Mexico has received a bad reputation over the last decade after some tourists went missing on their vacations combined with the uprising of drug cartels.

Listen, there’s no denying that some parts of the country may be a bit sketchy, but there are 129 MILLION PEOPLE living inside this nation and it’s a lot more spectacular than you think.

In today’s video, I debunk 8 common misconceptions about Mexico and tell you why this country is now ranked in my top 10 favorites in the world 🇲🇽

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  1. Love your comments. Mexico is one of the best countries in the World. ,❤️🇲🇽❤️🇲🇽❤️🇲🇽❤️

  2. I so wanna go to mexico but I’m only 13 and my parents no matter how much I convince them just seem to think that mexico is too dangerous.. love to our neighbor from the USA! 🇺🇸❤️🇲🇽 😀

  3. Misconceptions usually happen, when people who don't travel or never been to certain or any country, start to spread stories about certain locations, based on what they've saw or read on the internet.Every country has bad sides, but most importantly every country is a beautiful in her own way.

  4. One thing you might add is the fact that Mexican's insert chile and or lime in everthing. I'd concur that even breast milk has because of females consumtion of so much chile and lime has it.

  5. My respects for you my friend im mexican and I admire your maturity and how you speak of our beautiful country today i subscribe to your channel . Thanks for your positively !!

  6. México have a rich and diversity culture. People’s is very hospitality and have a paradisiac and beautiful places. Nowadays have the best democratic government to help the majority of his population. Thanks to the President Manuel Lopez Obrador. Viva Mexico lindo y querido.

  7. If your only experience with Mexico is Mexico City or large capital cities like Monterrey, then yes, you can think that Mexico is wealthy, but it is very much a Third World Country with almost half its population living under the poverty line (Mexican poverty line, not US) meaning around 50 million people live with less than 2500 pesos per month. Rampant, broad daylight corruption, narco-politics, and deeply ingrained conquered mentality are the main reasons.

  8. Im sure they are great people and has beautiful areas, but why are so many fleeing to come to the usa? There must be a large wealth gap..

  9. Mexican danger explained: mexico has literally little towns were criminal traffickers live, believe it or not, the places you go for vacation, or the big cities, have no danger, it’s only in the American borders, due to the lack of police, and it’s still a very little chance to get attacked, specially when you go through the main highways, then there’s no danger, also the deaths are all caused by the trafficking of drugs and guns, that business is the dangerous one, but girl, believe me, if you go to Cancun you won’t get shot in your apartment or in the airport 🤣 if you don’t believe me, then tell me a time someone was killed in front of crowded places or in a touristic place…

  10. I'm from Mexico, and this country is beautiful, with contrasts, from the prettiest and most beautiful things, to the worst things, here there is everything. From the places with the best quality of life on the planet, to areas with much to improve. Here you can find culture and tradition, you can find avant-garde and technology, you can find what you are looking for, even problems. We are a people with much to improve. But here people don't give up.

  11. So look I've seen a lot of videos like this. As a Mexican, I can confirm that is not like you gonna get kidnapped every day, but is different when you are a foreigner. The thing is that most foreigners are treated differently than normal people, you won't see the bad things about our country.
    First, because your currency weights a lot more than our national peso
    And second and foremost, because you as a foreigner you aren't being treated the same as every other person in Mexico. And this is clearly because they don't want to be sketchy with the person that is paying their bills.
    You can go to tepito, neza, ecatepec, pantitlan, la gam, damn there's so many places even within the CITY where they'd kill you for nothing, where the people is grimey and they don't want to see you succeed. And look I'm not trying to scare people into coming to Mexico. I'm just trying to tell you how it is for a Mexican person to survive every day, I love my country and my people, but a foreigner is never going to know all the diverse problems a real Mexican born here has to go trough

  12. Thank you so very much for this beautiful video. I am from Monterrey and I love my country, its roads, towns, cities. There are lots of beaches but also mountains, I love mountains and Monterrey is surrounded by many. I will never leave this place.

  13. I would just like to clarify something about the number 4 … it is true that we do not celebrate May 5 but what we really celebrate is September 15 and 16 which is our Independence Day from the Spanish Crown and it really is a great in important day for all Mexicans … greetings 🙋‍♀️ very good video🌹🌷💕

  14. Fact: Mexico is really a nice place to visit but also fact: 34.000 homicides in 2020. So it safe? I guess it depends. For a tourist probably pretty safe but living there…

  15. Wth are you talking about? Only Usa thinks mexico is bad… The rest of the world especially in spanish speaking countries we love it

  16. Liked your video a lot very accurate just the part of the biggest holiday is incorrect, the biggest ones are independence day, and christmass like much of the world.

  17. I’m from Mexico City. Don’t be fooled, it’s very dangerous. The thing is it’s not dangerous for most of the time. It’s actually beautiful and peaceful until it isn’t. When you are caught in the middle of a dangerous situation in my country things tend to escalate quickly and the police force is as corrupt as they come. That being said we are very hospitable and friendly. I hope the so called “war on drugs” ends with legalization similar to Portugal. I think this would solve a lot of the violence. Thanks for the amazing video!

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