Mexico is Deporting US and Canadian Citizens, What You Need to Know!

Mexico is NO LONGER playing around with visitors in their country! There’s a major migration crackdown this year and more and more stories are coming to light. In our video, we discuss who’s affected, what the possible penalties are, and what you need to do to stay on the right side of Mexican law.

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0:00 Intro
0:22 Immigration swell
0:56 Mexican Authorities
1:40 What you need!
2:27 The Stories & Penalties
6:24 Another Tale
7:13 Who is Affected?
8:11 ADO notice
9:28 US Embassy Alert
10:21 Outro


  1. Immigration in Chiapas wants to see FMM and passport… Unfortunately, i only had my passport and they sent me to camp for 6 nights SMH (this was 1 month ago.) Literally the WORST experience i've had abroad. i met other guys while there from the states who chose to get deported back.


  2. You'd think they'd be more vigilant at the border where the people are streaming in. Instead they are checking identification in tourist hot spots where foreigners are spending lots of money? How incredibly shortsighted is that?

  3. Are you saying they won't let you take the to your hotel so you can show them your original documents? No sane person walks around with original documents. If you lose them you're totally screwed! Photocopies are the natural solution.

  4. Hi here in the United States when illegal immigrant is detain he or she will stay from 3 months to a year or 5 years and the jail is more words here in the United States… I respect your channel and it's good that you're giving information but you also have to give information about the immigration here in the United States. When it comes to that is worse here in the US…

  5. Just to clarify having expired docs is not being a victim🤔 everyone knows the process!! And not having them on them, well might be simi victim 🙄, but it's understood that this has really didn't happen before☹️ IT HAS TO DO WITH THE MAGA CARAVANS IN THE COUNTRY RIGHT NOW🥺☹️ THANKS TO THAT POS IN THE Oval OFFICE AND HIS MADUSSSA COMPANION!!!

  6. In this current situation – does it seem like someone that has been going to Mexico every couple of year or two for shorter visits of a month or less, will not be given 180 days for a tourist visa anymore? Or are they targeting people that get a tourist visa every year and stay for the full 180 days or more every year?

  7. I have been quickened recently to make sure all my family or friends have their paperwork, simply because of all the draconinan behavior worldwide going on because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Good reminder to have the paperwork current. Mexico had always been such a comfortable to visit.

  8. This is going to backfire on them. They want to do a "Trump" as a get even mentality. This will hurt their economy. I was even considering retiring there but no more.

  9. Moved to Guadalajara from Los Angeles on 19 August 1992. Have always had everything in order (first FMM, then FM3, then FM2) and now permanent residency. Always avoided that business of leaving and returning every 180 days.

    Keep those papers in order, everyone. Your tourist permit does NOT cover you for any length of time greater than what is specified, nor does it allow you to do anything else. If you plan on staying long-term in Mexico , don't screw around.

  10. Finally someone brave and with integrity in the YouTube community!! There are only two YouTube channels that are making Expats aware of the actual situation in Mexico. Your channel, Retired life in Mexico NO BULL and Backpacking Brunette so far. Most of the other You-tubers are pleasing their audience instead of informing.

    Some You tube channels due to their personal agenda are perpetuating the same bad habits and encouraging Expats to keep doing the border runs, “nothing will happen”, some others are saying, “you can pay de immigration officer and leave,” some are even saying, “Mexico is so corrupt that you can punch a cop in the face and nothing will happen, as long as you pay.”

    Well, let me inform you, not anymore. The Immigration crisis is affecting Mexico and US and in order to keep this crisis under control they are finally enforcing the Immigration Law.

  11. I AM guessing that the US govt and Mexico have an arrangement to stop all this illegal immigration, and Mexico is doing their part FINALLY to assist the US, about time

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