Mexico 4K – Best places to visit in Yucatan

Im Dezember/Januar 2018 habe ich 3 Wochen in Mexiko verbracht und hier für euch die schönsten Momente zusammengeschnitten.
Meiner Meinung nach ein paar der schönsten Orte in Yucatan welche man sehen sollte.

ABONNIERT MICH wenns euch gefallen hat oder



  1. Great video! You have done a good job on this one.
    I have travelled recently to Mexico so if you are interested please check my video too.

  2. Went here for the first time 2yrs and videos do it no justice! Everyone speaks and understands English, my Spanish is less than choppy and I had no issue getting around or asking for help even forgetting where I parked my car in town. Lol I seriously want to move here!!

  3. Where in should I explore, I have no clue but I know I want to see some amazing beaches surrounded by nature, I loved swimming between the rock walls of what must've been a cave in this and want to experience that for myself. The mayan structure are also something I want to see for myself aswell, while the animals are something I just can't bare miss. yucatan seems pretty perfect just from this video for what I want but is there any place I should be headed first or what places I should go to get the best of this experience

  4. Sehr cooles VIdeo, fliege jetzt auch am 25.12 bis 15.01.2019 nach Mexiko City. Wird der Hammer sein!
    Die ganze Architektur sehen und alles erkunden wird wohl eine Zeit beanspruchen, freue mich drauf.Und Tacos essen ohne Ende xD
    Vor Ort habe ich Freunde die dort leben, dann macht es noch mehr Spaß ^^

    p.s: Musik ist super entspannend 😉 ab 2:41 min

  5. So viel Liabi zum Detail, unglaublich schön hesch das Video gmacht😍d Musik, Kamerafüahrig und dia Stimmig wod igfanga hesch, absolut perfekt☀️🌴

  6. The Yucatan used to be paradise. Now it‘s a tourist zoo and Mexico is the most violent country in the world that should be boycotted.

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