Living in Mexico’s kill zone | The Full Report

Michoacan state is an epicenter of Mexico’s violence. While cartels, vigilantes & authorities fight, the population’s trapped in the middle. Al Jazeera spent a month on the ground in the state to investigate.

@John Holman

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  1. Time for a genuine justified regime change in Mexico and Colombia
    If only to eradicate the horrific cartels and the morons who follow them

  2. For a self defence group selling drugs is the best way. Just like they said most jobs and stores are closed and the jobs that are open dont pay enough, they gotta buy ammo, guns, shields, and cars some how. They sell drugs to get the money to protect their homelands from the bad in this world And I respect that.

  3. This is real journalism, telling the frightening truth, the cocaine industry is worth a lot of money to a lot of corrupt people here there and every where.

  4. Exactly! Very, very corrupt politicians of pri and pan for 90 years and they want more years of corruption , they are traitors to Mexico 🇲🇽!

  5. All those government officials are connected to cartels. He said show me where those check points are at ? The official Claimed he don’t know zzzz bulshit

  6. You don't know anything you have a family they can kill you or your family members at any time and drug dealing is worldwide not just Mexico

  7. is getting corrupt, officers and governments & partially civilians just wanting to make ends, higher death rate higher diseases, zombies.

  8. How is this different from afghans? Afghans flee the talisman and get asylum, Mexican flee the cartels and get nothing in return.

  9. Fucken gangs and cartels are a bunch of lying selfish pieces of s***! I cannot believe how they hurt innocent beautiful people and saying they want to take over to restore order? Gangs and cartels are the reason why there's chaos!

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