LIVE: Mexico Grand Prix Pre Race Chinwag

We’re back in Mexico, for Checo’s home grand prix, for the first time in too long!

Lets talk about it.

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  1. The actual track is shit, the only enjoyable thing is the fast left right left, the medium speed right turn after that ruins it again tho. But the crowd and spectacle is amazing

  2. I love how people are acting like Perez is definitely going to be leading and Max will be behind him and worrying how they'll play it even tho Perez was been no where near Max in pace all season. It's like worrying about a scenario where Mazepin beats Schumacher.

    Obviously that's an overexagerattion but still 😂

  3. Given how much off the pace Checo has been in Qualifying thoughout the year, I wouldn't expect Checo to outqualify Max here. If it ends up a front row lockout with Checo on top, then RB will do split strategies with Max having the better end.

  4. am i the only one who thinks leclerc has been on one of his least impressive season? his rookie year of 18 was hella impressive in that sauber, 2019 he beat seb in his rookie ferrari season, 2020 he made the most of a shit car, and this season, hes been what, matched by carlos, even beaten in some cases, like podiums? his 2 poles were very impressive but those were caused by red flags, im not saying this isnt a good season, just hes least impressive

  5. The Canadian GP was electric with Jacques. Even when he was racing in the Atlantic Series. HE won that one in 95. Alesi won the F1 race. I was front row seats 3rd on the grid. I started a Happy Birthday song the crowd all participated in for Jean. He gave me his gloves.

    The Ferrari 412 T2 was the best sounding F1 engine of all time live. Canada has aluminum seats in the grandstands. When that 412 T2 exited "The Wall of Champions", you could literally feel the V12 coming up the straight, via your a…hole. No joke.

  6. re: giving up the win – if Perez is ahead due to circumstance then yes Max would say move the eff over, otherwise if Perez is ahead due to pace then Max wo-uld have no issues finishing behind.

  7. With recent surge of F1 fans in India due to DTS, and ho we're slowly embracing sports other than cricket, like in the Olympics this year, i think the support for Daruvala would be quite huge. However, there are also huge Max fans here, so it would be a red bull dominated fan base(assuming Daruvala will race for at/rb) I believe.. Hope Daruvala makes it to F1 and we can have the Indian GP back…

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