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  1. Im Mexican American and Im with Caleb .This has nothing to do with Country’s I love Mexico but at the end of the Day Im loyal to the Country that puts food in your mouth and thats USA.If you hate USA GTFO and go to mexico but you will just find your way back .Period.

  2. Oh no! I hope not, but I think Plant may have nailed his own coffin. He said "I was born for this!"😱 That's what Canelo said before he fought Floyd, "I whas born ready!" Then got smacked up!😭😭

  3. Alot more Canelo fans there than Plant but it was intense weighin for sure. Don't think I ever saw Canelo that pissed off before.

  4. It's about time the 🇺🇸 stand up for the usa. Don't care if he white,that's my guy. I want to really know, what have canelo done or who have he beaten to become the face of boxing? His greatest accomplishment is getting his ass whipped by floyd and not winning one rd? Plz stop me if I'm lying? Pac, floyd they stop hof's, they made good to great look ordinary! Really what have this dude done? Have ever fought a top rank opponent in a w.c.? Ggg don't count he was just hbo's puppet… but who?

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