Haitians make new lives in Mexico

The Haitian migration crisis continues, with thousands of desperate migrants leaving the country every month, most of them headed for the U.S. But with little chance of being granted asylum, for many, falling short means remaining in Mexico. CGTN’s Alasdair Baverstock has more.


  1. If he were to make it into the U.S. he would have to wait on papers too, they don't just hand out work permits and everything else.

  2. Go let them all stay there! You don’t go through 11 countries to apply and invade another country’s sovereignty!

  3. Haitians and Cubans need to stay in their countries and if they want to reach the USA against the Law!…they should row their boats directly to Florida.

  4. The racist remarks come from.racist American people that need to mind their own business their not even Mexican but their on here giving their racist remarks

  5. I don't ndrstand why president of Mexico López Obador is letting hoards of Haitians, Cubans and Centralamericans into Mexico. Is that action part of Trump's program "Quédate en Mexico" ? and Why are Mexicans in Mexico not defending their (our) country?

  6. We got a lot to thank the original migrants from 6 or 5 years ago from the earthquake, a lot of them came here and started business, taught Spanish, Creole and French to other people and made Tijuana get used to the Haitian population, it was hard but now its a lot easier for Haitians to move into Baja. Now it is common to hear English, Creole and French in Tijuana on the daily.

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