Gang executes two drug dealers near luxury hotels in Mexico | Morning in America

A commando force of drug gang gunmen stormed ashore at a beach on Mexico’s resort-studded Caribbean coast in front of luxury hotels and executed two drug dealers from a rival gang. Start your day with Morning in America, NewsNation’s live three-hour national morning newscast hosted by Adrienne Bankert.

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  1. The stupid face of the reporter 😁😁😁. In Las Vegas many were killed and everybody forgot. In this case it was against gang rivals. Which is worse? Pathetic news.

  2. I been both to Cancun and Cuba and I rather go to Cuba. Beautiful beaches, cheap travel and very safe for tourists.

  3. 👁👁. Why spend all that 💰to go to Mexico❓ Ya coulda gone to any southwestern state & experienced SAME THRILL but with safe drinking water‼️

  4. This is ridiculous- I know someone who just came back from there. They never leave the resort because they’re afraid.. why go to a foreign country if you’re just going to hide out in a resort because you’re afraid of the people and culture???

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