Further Analysis of Heart Beating Eucharistic Miracle Reported in Mexico – Fr. Mark Goring, CC

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  1. I just came from Adoration and I saw this link send by my friend to watch.
    I don’t know what it is by I have been thinking of going to the Adoration and stay there the whole day. Our parish are so blessed to have this great gift, Adoration in a small chapel open 24/7.
    I think every parish should do this, people needs to be closer to Jesus more than ever.

  2. Jesus Christ has a beautiful way of getting our attention, his sacred heart ♥️ is so beautiful his love for us is clear as he dose not just tell us, he shows us ✝️👑🕊 amen 🙏🏼

  3. Some things never seem to change. Eye witness[s] who took the video for their effort now are being accused of fraud while the rest of us just for wanting to believe that it is true are being called crazy.

  4. My thought was that it might be swaying forward and back because of the way it was secured and momentum of motion in either the air or ground coming from the congregation or else a draft or something. Who knows, just saying something like that seems like a normal enough possibility.

  5. MEDJUGORJE: March 15, 1984: "Tonight also, dear children, I am grateful to you in a special way for being here. Unceasingly adore the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. I am always present when the faithful are adoring. Special graces are then being received."

  6. JULY 24, 2022 – On the 41st Anniversary of MEDJUGORJE APPARITIONS: The Blessed Mother says that special graces are received praying in front of the BLESSED SACRAMENT EXPOSED.

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