Forza Horizon 5 Let's Play – Welcome to Mexico!! (FH5 Gameplay Part 1)

This is it!! Forza Horizon 5 IS HERE and we’re diving right in with the introduction to the game.
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  1. HenkDieTenk has all the tunes you will need for forzathon challenges. go check them out black pantha or dont doesnt matter

  2. Which would fit the fh5 intro for each car that falls from the sky
    Btw the Ford Escort jump makes a great wallpaper with the plane lifting 😅😅😅

  3. I don’t know how I feel about starting off with all three of those cars. I loved picking 1 out of 3 in fh4 with kinda decent cars

  4. i really appreciate Playground games using legit mexican voice actors for this game. i can actually recognize most of the voices!

  5. I just played some of FH5 not long ago since it’s on Xbox x/s gamepass,

    When it comes out guys, I suggest u play it if your into racing and cars etc, they updated the quality and it’s rly easy to get new cars, I totally recommend

  6. When I tried to play forza on the fourth drop in with the red car my accelerate didn’t work and I was a 25km/h the entire way it took 20 minutes

  7. Other people doing forza youtube clips , me : fuck that rather watch black panthaas reviews after 3years of been a fan.

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