Fly Project – Mexico | Official Video (by FLY RECORDS)

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Fly Project – Mexico (by FLY RECORDS)
Produced by Tudor Ionescu, TrumpBeats, SMAX, Bacula Ionut, Dan Denes
Lyrics by: Tudor Ionescu, TrumpBeats, Katarina Florence Dyer, Anastasia Sandu, Dan Denes
Mixing/Mastering: Bunicu’ Magic
Published by Roton Music Publishing
漏 & (P) 2019 ROTON MUSIC


Ese lugar lo quiero yo. S贸lo es uno, s贸lo uno.
Ese lugar me enamor贸. S贸lo es uno, s贸lo uno.
Ay, como lo bailan en Mexico.
Guadalajara en Mexico.
Toma que toma en Mexico.
Y marijuana en Mexico.

Ay dale una

I will dominate the game
With that fly sound I,

I don鈥檛 really flex,
I fitness, hold up,

Record sails, you know
I鈥檓 about to blow up,

Party of the year,
And I never showed up

I’m living on my own swimming in tequila
Party all night, looking for Juanita
Took a little sip and I’m going down down down.

Y si tu ojos me roban, quedate cerca ahora, los sue帽os quiero contar.
Llega la tarde y todas, todas las flores lloran, volvemos a enamorarnos

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  2. Another sceary song….our weed olso is sceary xaxa !!! Greetings from BULGARIA 鉂

  3. I Shahbaz Humayun Love to Visit Mexico and Have Mexican Food in Open Air Resturants and want to See Mexican Street Markets and Much More and So On…….

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  5. when i ride my Mercedes, as soon as this music starts, the Mercedes goes by itself馃檲馃檲馃檲馃檲馃檲馃洠馃洠馃洠

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