Day 4 – Listen | BREATH – A 30 Day Yoga Journey

Listen to the feedback that every gesture gives back to you. Rather than just doing the poses, or doing yoga, trust that the practice really is an art of listening. Listening and responding.

Our vocabulary grows today as we continue on our explorative journey, kicking it off with diaphragmatic breathing.

Most people do not breathe as well as they can, and I do mean MOST.

We continue with intentional and intuitive movement to improve our posture today, why?

So you may breathe better, my dear.

Re-training the posture is one of the best ways to ensure you are breathing deeply and efficiently.

When we are breathing deeply and efficiently we invite a WHOLE WELL of benefits our way.

Read more in today’s daily Breath email.

Let me know how today’s session goes for you via the comment section below!

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  1. When adriene tells you you might be on to something with your deeper thoughts and you were thinking about making grilled paprika sauce for pizza night. Well.. grilled paprika sauce it is😂

  2. hate to admit it, but I got to hold myself accountable somewhere. I missed 5 days. Christmas messed me up and I got out of my routine and I struggled to get back on it. if you read this don't stop just do it even when you feel tired girls you're going to feel a feel iffyabout it

  3. I had a major breakthrough this practice. I started practicing yoga regularly a couple months ago, and the mindfulness aspect of yoga has been both beneficial and really frustrating. My mind always wanders. I try to quietly note the thoughts I'm having, but then I start thinking about why I'm having those thoughts in the first place, and then I note those thoughts, and so on and so forth until I'm thoroughly out of the moment and shaming myself. But this practice, I had a breakthrough. It really resonated when you used the metaphor of welcoming your thoughts like welcoming guests to a party. You notice their knocking, open the door, and briefly greet them before letting them inside. Then they step away to go mingle with the other thoughts/guests to create a special and unique moment in your body, in your home. As the host, you just welcome them with warmth and kindness, until at some point, they leave.

  4. Thank you for this. On this journey, I always feel powerful at some point during a session. I really enjoy how each day is a different flow. I am proud of myself for arriving and look forward to doing that again tomorrow.

  5. It was a little harder to show up today so I'm proud of myself for doing that! This practice was surpeisingly easy and short, yet I still had trouble letting go of my thoughts and being present. Anyway I feel way calmer now, after practice, and I really appreciate myself for taking this time for myself. Thanks everyone, breathing a lot of love out ❤

  6. This one was just amazing. I think I'll be coming back to this whenever my back is aching, which is often enough. It must be a decade since my back last felt as fresh as it did after I finished this.

  7. I went through YWA 30-day challenge twice and just started the 30-day breath and this was my favorite day so far for two reasons:

    1. The stretch at the end really helped my upper back, which I'm finding are the tightest muscles in my body that's limiting my flexibility.

    2. No downward facing dog!

  8. Thank you, Adriene! I forgot how nourishing this practice was. I really enjoy this style of movement when I am having a low energy day but also want to move my body. Sure, you can turn up the heat, but you can also easily dial it back with this sequence. Awesome. Thank you.

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