Day 28 – TLC | MOVE – A 30 Day Yoga Journey

Today’s session provides a little tender loving care, a little TLC, for your brain, your body and your heart. Yoga works. I have built this practice to equip you with the tools to feel empowered in the many moons of your life. Daily practice isn’t always about maximizing. It is about meeting yourself where you are. Ask, how am I feeling?*** And then ask… How do I want to feel?*** The way you respond to this question with breath and through movement is what this journey is all about.

Two more days and then we will engage in our final MOVE session together, which will signify something special.

Heads up, tomorrow will be our last day of guided sessions as you know them thus far – we have a purposeful surprise awaiting us on Day 30!

Stay open.
Show up.

If you are already wondering what will happen after the 30 days is complete, don’t worry, I have us covered.


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🖤 MOVE – Downloadable Collection 🤍

Based on requests from the community, we are excited to announce a downloadable version of MOVE. It is offered on a donation basis, so just pay what feels good!

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  1. There was something so comforting about the "you are supported here." Whether it's from Adriene, the community, or even myself and my body, we are all being supported, right now, in this space. Hope everyone has a great day, namaste 🙂

  2. Thank you so much Adriene. This was just what I needed today. Your yoga practices have been life changing for me. I am so deeply grateful to you

  3. I always say namaste a little bit earlier than Adriene and today that brought me a little giggle ❤ thank you for providing this safe, loving, growing space, I'm learning so so much by doing this practice every single day, especially when I felt like I couldn't do it, but I CAN and so can YOU

  4. Feel so good! I was super stressed before the practice, and now I am feeling so much better. My headache is gone! Thank you Adriene 💜

  5. This was exactly the video I needed to do today. My job is very hard on my body and I haven’t had the energy for yoga for over a week now maybe two and I could feel my body hurting and my mind was going with it. I honestly wanted to cry after this because of how good I mentally felt after. I will have to add this video to my weekly yoga. Thank you

  6. OMGoodness
    If i didnt love you before, I appreciate so much that you stopped yourself from saying it, and re-worded it

  7. I'm late to the party here, but this was a very nice practice, I'm still sore from yesterday's gradening. I think I'll continue with some more stretches. Namaste. 🙏

  8. Thank you Adriene, that was the perfect practice for the day I turn 50! I have enjoyed the Move series very much!

  9. I love how each of your sessions marry each other – i was sore after yesterdays strong so this TLC was a very welcome shift Thanks

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