Day 25 – Release | MOVE – A 30 Day Yoga Journey

Through daily yoga and breath practice, we develop a deeper awareness of where we are holding tension and trauma. No doubt you have at least once walked off the mat feeling as though you were carrying less stress than when you stepped on.
This session utilizes movement and breath technique to highlight the powerful ways in which we can use the practice of mindful awareness to lovingly and safely tend to what triggers.

We are in the home stretch of this journey. Lean in. Let go of that which no longer serves. I got your back.

LET ME KNOW HOW it goes for you in the comment section below!

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  1. Did my own thing earlier today after school, and I am now wrapping up my day with a little YWA. Felt a bit fidgety and upset earlier, so this release was much needed. Thanks for sharing! ❤️

  2. This sequence really challenged my body, and even greater my mind. I was witness to seeing how my mind is stronger than I may give it credit for, and how it’s true – the body does give up quicker. I completely escaped my limited beliefs and connected my breath to my movement so deliberately and it brought me such peace. The Kapalabati breath was a fantastic warm up and accented this sequence beautifully. Wrapping up the reminder of what Namaste truly means sent me to tears. 🥺 I found my spirit during this practice, thank you 🙏

  3. This practice brought me to tears with your closing words. Sending you so much ❤️ . You are such a spiritual leader. I appreciate you and am grateful.

  4. One of my favourite practice from this month !! (Yes I’m late, thanks covid 😅) I could really see my body building strength. Strength I didn’t have when I started early January. I’m really proud of myself. Thank you Adriene. ♡

  5. Even though I started on this journey on time, I have fallen behind – we lost a family member and just a couple of days later I got sick. Which meant I couldn’t practice for some time. This was the video I was at and when I finally got on my mat today, it felt like a cosmic message. Letting go of all the things that no longer serves me…
    I’m right back at this journey and am determined to complete it!
    Here’s to health and joyful times with loved ones 🌻

  6. Thank you Adriene for your energy and your guidance. It has been a truly amazing journey and I look forward to finishing this bit and continue practicing with you. Small movement, big results. I feel more flexible, I am more aware of my breathing and my body. Lots of love!

  7. “Notice how you feel”. Found it really hard to feel anything at all today. My mood seems out of balance and I’m not really happy with where I’m at, atm. But definitely felt something release after all. 💙

  8. Unfortunately had to take a pause here because I fell on rollerblades and injured my shoulder.
    But now that it's feeling better, I'm back to finish this 30 days! : )

  9. I'm very behind, but this was a very nice practice after shoveling A LOT of snow. There was a blizzard during the night, and since no one but my cats were home (they were fed, and are also indoor cats) I had a lot of work to do before even managing to get my car into the parking spot.

  10. It has been such an amazing journey, I don't want it to end! I've gained so much strength and learned so many really great, unique techniques. Everything is explained so perfectly and I really like when we are asked to use our "opposite" in different positions. Well done Adriene, thank you💜

  11. I usually do my Yoga in the morning but I woke up today with period cramps so I decided to listen to my body and try to do it later in the evening… let me tell you, I've never exercised while on my period but today I managed to get through this session with Adriene 😀

  12. amazing!!! I struggle with a bit of generalized morning anxiety and this one was so so good for me to do first thing in the morning! Let out all the tension, and to realize that in this moment, I am safe.

  13. I have a lot of stress currently due to exams, coordinating my life and trying to appreciate myself. Today's practice felt like a release and I can't hold my tears back. I experienced crying after physiotherapy (because she also somehow released my stress by releasing the pain in my body) but I've never experiences it while doing yoga or exercising. Thank you, Adriene! <3

  14. Dear Adriene, today I did not feel like a breathing exercise so I even thought of skipping it. I am so glad I didn't. At the end of the video I sat there crying and releasing so much pain and grief. In my friend's circle you are the number one self-care tip when someone feels down, I even tell strangers about you (very often they are already part of the community and then we become friends). Your sessions are always a motivation to get up, start the day right and I would not want to live without them!!!!! Keep on doing what you do and remain so much yourself <3

  15. I missed this one during the 30 day journey – did it this evening while trying to ward off anxiety due to the upcoming freeze in ATX, and man I could not have done this at a better time. Still feeling a little uneasy but I feel more equipped to manage the anxiety. 🙏

  16. Period hormones are making me emotional so my "release" today was just lying on the mat and crying for most of the video. I did the previous practice but it wasn't enough to let go of all the frustration I came on the mat with so when I heard the title of the next one, I let it roll. Sometimes you just gotta lie on the floor and cry for no reason, you know? It's one of those days.

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