Day 1 – Invite | BREATH – A 30 Day Yoga Journey

Your first yoga practice is here, and it is a full one, packed with valuable invitations! We begin by taking things nice and slow. You will soon feel more fire, you may move fast, but this series asks you to be disciplined about bringing awareness to the deeper layers of your practice – with breath.

What makes this 30 Day series unique is that these practices are designed to work together 1-30, not just as one-offs, though that is time well spent too.

This series is a process with intention. Today’s practice is all about listening, respectfully setting the tone, building foundation with slow and with purposeful movement.

Thank you for joining me on this journey and for sharing this connection with so many people around the world.

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Let me know how it goes for you in the comment section down below!

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  1. Day 1 is here! I invite you to find nuance, right out of the gate, which will be individual, and unique to every body.

    Enjoy today, you are my hero.

    How are you feeling after our first BREATH practice?

  2. Can someone suggest a way to do downward dog with out bending my toes on my left foot. My right foot is ok. I can not flatten my left foot or right foot when doing downward dog. Also, I have an injury to my right rotor cuff and can not reach with my arm over head when reaching back or twisting back.and twist it back behind me. Can someone suggest away to do these two positions in yoga that allow me to not have pain?

  3. Starting this practice in December 2021. Its so soothing how you guide us through the whole video , it does not feel like I am doing this alone.

    More power to You Adriene! <3

    Also, Proud of all those participating in this journey , We got this! 🙂

  4. Shout-out to anyone else starting this in December again because you just can't wait for more.

    Last year I did this with a six month old laying next to me and watching. Now almost a year later she likes doing downward dog with me and giggling.

  5. Thank you Adriene for all that you do!! As a counselor, I recommend your videos to clients for the whole health benefits of the practice and because you create such a community feeling that brings a sense of connection that is so very important for all our spirits.

  6. A lot has changed for me since I first did Breath in January 2021: I graduated from college, moved to a new city and state for a job, questioned my entire career path, developed my yoga practice in a studio for the first time, and applied to graduate school for next fall. I'm doing this practice again to bookend my year of 2021, to see how I changed and grew between January 2021 and now, despite and maybe because all the doubt I've had, and to prepare for the next yoga challenge in January 2022!

  7. Thank you so much Adriane. I have just done this first video of your 30 day series. My body was so tight all over as I'm well over due for a sports massage.

    Never in my 48 years have I ever done any yoga. I knew that I must start, from both a physical and spiritual perspective. This morning, instead of doing my usual strength and core workout, I decided to follow your video instead. The relief from the tightness I felt before is now gone! I'm so grateful to you and I am very much looking forward to the next one. Have a lovely day😊

  8. Was doing a November distance walking & running challenge, but work and weather was preventing me reaching the goals I had hoped for… And then I fractured my little toe. Want feeling inspired to do anything but made myself the most recent YWA 30 day challenge and so glad I did. This will take me through the healing process and remind me to be kind to myself. Thanks Adrienne.

  9. Thanks Adriene ❤️🌱 You cannot imagine how calm & relaxed I get by watching you and doing yoga with you ❤️ Every word you utter is quite a solace to me 😊 Take care of all that beauty 🌱

  10. I am new to yoga. Is this considered beginner yoga? I tried two days of this series and my hands, feet, shoulders and arms ache. I only ask because I have gone to two local classes for beginners and came home feeling great and more flexible. Perhaps there are better videos for me that you might suggest on your page.

  11. woohoo stRTING THIS journey on 11/11/21 after 30 days and home, cant wait !!
    day 1-wow getting back to basics is really refreshing, couldnt complete the practice but it felt good
    day 2- I had horrible annxiety yesterday and things were a little rough but lord this actually saved me
    kinda skimmed thru day 3 and 4 since they were just slow moving days
    day 5 – woohoo what a return!!
    day 6 – did it in my hall and fell asleep after haha loved the burn !!
    day 7 – real good I feel so refreshed
    day 8 – I absolutely love it when u ask us to bring our blankets to the mat couldnt be more happier !!
    9, 10 – ??
    11 – took a really long break from yoga and I was feeling the effects, Im glad I took the time to do it today I feel energised !!!
    12- today was a lot, I havent been consistent with my practice and today I finallyy got the chance to check in with myself an cry. I still did the yoga, and at the end all my tears flowed out oh gosh im hurting a lot but I really want to thank you for this safe space you have made I love you.

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