Beginner’s Yoga Routine: Fun Start

This beginner’s yoga class introduces beginners into a wide array of safe classical yoga poses. New pose variations and binds are connected through dynamic transitions that cultivate a sense of flow. The well-rounded mix of pose types offered in a fun and playful way helps students reap all the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of a holistic yoga practice.


  1. What a great and informational flow!! I LOOOOVE it! As I am always looking for new flows/poses/feedback etc. for my classes and myself. I MUST say you can always get all this and more in any of your very well put together videos – aka giving to the yoga lovers – community! Thank you!!!! I will use this tomorrow for my beginning spring fun yogamix classes. Your poses are a part somehow of every of my classes as I love your creative poses. Namaste.

  2. Your classes are very interesting! I wished the instructions were a bit more detailed. I have been practising yoga for years but you teach different moves than most. Hence it would be really beneficial to know a bit more about the benefits of a move, what to look out for to get the most out of a move and what are pitfalls, and how to properly get into a pose. Many thanks

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