4K WALK MEXICO CITY virtual walk CDMX slow tv TRAVEL VIDEO, documentary

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【4K】WALK MEXICO CITY 4k virtual walk CDMX slow tv TRAVEL VIDEO, documentary

4k walk , a documentary slow tv travel channel is featuring a series of 4k video walks in Ciudad de Mexico ( CDMX ) for the Day of the Dead 2019 ( Dia de muertos 2019 o dia de los muertos ). México DF is now called Ciudad de México or Mexico City. Dia de muertos en Mexico (Mejico) is a traditional and colorful celebration of mexican culture.

This is one of my city walks along Avenida Francisco I Madero in the historic center of Mexico 4k. Take a virtual tour and virtual hike with me!

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  1. Cdmx es linda pero siento que algunas personas ahí se visten algo feo y con colores muy oscuros comparado a otras ciudades de país, además todos usan jeans y no veo a nadie con shorts o esa impresión me dió. Aún así la ciudad se ve hermosa y cosmopolita

  2. Mexico is terrible, dirty and terrifying, these videos can only come from people who are paid to speak what is not reality and even more from Mexicans … so come here because at this moment I am forced to stay in Mexico to fix some things and you will see what these little videos do not tell and do not show. .😣😝

    México es terrible, sucio y aterrador, estos videos solo se pueden venir de personas a las que se les paga por hablar lo que no es la realidad y más aún de mexicanos.. así que ven aquí porque en este momento me veo obligada a quedarme en México para arreglar unas cosas y verás lo que estos pequeños videos no cuentan y no muestran. .

  3. Excellent video! I love watching videos like these on my treadmill from Ireland 🇮🇪 the scenery is very similar here when comparing it with Ireland! Keep up the good work! From you fans in Ireland 🇮🇪

  4. My great niece and her husband are going to Mexico next year. I can not afford such luxuries, but by watching your excellent video I have beaten them to it on the virtual plane! (For learners of English let me explain that here "plane" means "level", but could also imply "aeroplane"! How wonderful languages are!

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