30 min Beginner Yoga – Full Body Yoga Stretch No Props Needed

A beginner yoga sequence to build strength and improve flexibility. No props needed!

Hi friends, this week I’m offering you a 30 minute practice perfect for beginners! Now just because a class is for beginners, doesn’t mean it isn’t challenging! We are going to work on building foundational strength, balance and flexibility. The great thing about this practice is that there are no props necessary and it’s great for all experience levels.

If you’re new to yoga, remember that the most important thing is to stay focused on your breath. Don’t worry if you don’t get all the poses correctly or if you need to take a break. Be patient with yourself, do what you can and remember to relax. This is a wonderful class to alleviate stress and anxiety.


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  1. I've been doing yoga for 3 years, but I still come back to these beginner classes all the time. It's great to slow things down and get back to the basics, so to say. Sometimes I feel like I even get more out of the beginner classes than the intermediate classes. <3 thank you, Kassandra!!

  2. Thanks for very instructive course, would you please advise How many times per week shall we do yoga exercises? Is it daily or every other day? What is optimum trading time?

  3. Thank you very much for no music. I'm so much more able to concentrate on what you are saying because there's no music to distract my brain. I really like the pace at which you speak because it is relaxing. Thank you

  4. Dear Kassandra, you have been my morning saviour for almost a year and a half now! Thanks for your youtubechannel it really kept me going in the darkest period of my life by now. I also wanted to ask you where I can find the yoga-outfit you are wearing over here. I really love it!

    Besides that I want to let you know I think you’re a beautiful soul! Really glad to have you in my morning (and sometimes evening) routine. All the best! Love,

  5. I decided I need a cleaner schedule ( I normally just lay in bed all day) so tonight I thought I would give this a try and I feel like I actually accomplished something. I will say I could always lay my feet flat like child pose so I just used my toes but other than that I found it helpful

  6. Loved this session great instructions good stretches and twists and no music! 😀👍 I don’t mind soft music though at times

  7. I am almost 70 and before the pandemic I was taking yoga classes. I feel I lost a lot of my flexibility but so happy I found you and I am practicing mornings and evenings and now the 30’. Little by little I do hope I will improve. Love your classes 😍.

  8. Hi Kassandra,

    I've tried others' beginner yoga before but it was your practice that got me hooked and in love with yoga. Thank you for reminding us to give grace to ourselves as we reenact the poses and for demonstrating empathy without compromising attention to detail. Really thankful for you <3

  9. I've been doing a yoga/fitness class to fill up my phys ed credit for highschool and I loved the yoga we did in class so much that I decided to try it out on my own at home 🙂 thank you so much for this, it was super relaxing and for sure boosted my mood. I'll definitely come back for more 😀

  10. This was so good!! And I lasted the entire class 😆🙌🏽🙌🏽! Thank you so much, I'm needing to find more stretching and yoga videos to help me relax and gain more confidence and strength in my body. Thanks again!🧡

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