20 Min Total Body Yoga | A Feel Good Yoga Flow To Rejuvenate Your Day

This 20 minute total body yoga class is your feel good yoga flow that will awaken the body and help you still the mind. Moving through a beautiful sequence of yoga asanas, Vinyasa sun salutations, and breath-body connection, this Boho Beautiful yoga practice led by Juliana Spicoluk is the perfect addition to your self-care routine and daily mindful practice.

Listen to your body, move with the breath, and enjoy!

Instructor- Juliana Spicoluk
Location- Playa Chiquita Costa Rica

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  1. Thank you guys for sharing your gift 🙏💕 I love your energy and all the joy, love and good vibes you radiate 🙌🌟🌞🦋⭐️ you are giving this amazing incredible knowledge, practice and compassion to us for FREE 🤗 may it all come back to you in many fold. With so much love and gratitude 🙏🥰😍

  2. i can’t express how much this has helped me. i always forget about how much giving this time to myself and to practice can help improve my day. thank you <3

  3. I came in from a stressful day at work and my first thought was , I don’t have the energy for yoga tonight, I then rethought and decided yoga always makes me feel better. Yes it did, a wonderful distress and energy giver thank you so much Boho beautiful you are my therapy 💓💓💓💓

  4. These videos are amazing, but then can be challenging. However, what I tell myself during yoga is that not matter how hard it is, I should take my deep breaths in and out, relax, and know that I am trying my best throughout every pose. I thank you so much Boho Beautiful Yoga for your fantastic videos. They truly help me throughout each day!

  5. Im so jealous of this lifestyle. I work as an investment banker (my dream job) but I feel i would be much happier working as a yoga instructor in Costa Rica. I want to be one with the earth, it's not okay seeing the outdoor for only a couple hours a week.

  6. You and Mark are amazing. I discovered you a few months ago and find your lessons so inspiring and uplifting. You are truly beautiful both inside and out. Thank you so much!!!

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