15 Minute Slow Flow Yoga for Stressy Days | COLE CHANCE YOGA

Join Cole Chance for a 15 Minute Slow Flow for Stressy Days yoga practice.

Some days feel more stressy than others.

Regardless of whether it’s particular circumstances that have you spinning or a nervous system with its gear stuck in a pattern of high alert….I hope this class can give you a bit of soothe and settle.

We’ll begin by settling our inner systems with slow, deep breathing weaving in mindful movement.


Cole x

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  1. Some tough transitions here and Sage pose was a bit tough on my knees so early in the morning but with a modification I did this wonderful and really different class. I loved it! Thanks Cole!

  2. This was the perfect video for unwinding after a long day of teacher meetings. So grateful for this chance to release the anxiety. Looking for other videos like this to get me through August and into my new school-year and new teaching job flow. ♥️ Thanks so much.

  3. delighted to find your yoga exercises, always on top of your teaching and mastery, great calm and peaceful place to do it good job 😊👍👍👍👍👍

  4. Hey Cole, will you be in Bali in Jan/Feb? I heard its rainy season but wondering it's still a good time to visit. Would be amazing to catch you there as I've been doing your yoga videos for years now! X

  5. Thanks Cole! I needed that. I wish I was ther in Bali with you right now!

    I did a YTT at Azadi Retreat in 2018 in Ubud and its absolutely lovely 🙂 Highly recommend. Its a good walk to town nestled in the woods similar to where you are here. Absolutely beautiful, super comfortable beds, and very clean accommodations, common areas, and laundry pick up/drop off service.

  6. Great video. I have to say you are absolutely beaming positive energy with a twist. Don't know what it is, but there is a tone in your voice and the expression on your face @0:551:05 says it all!
    Thank you. Regardless of the content your videos always remind me to ground myself = priceless

  7. OMG!!!! Where have you been in my 8 years as a YouTube Yogi! I thank the algorithm for putting you on my feed. Amazing teacher! I love the way you speak through your yoga. Your pace and flow are perfect (for me)! Love it! Subscribed! ✌🏾🖤&💡

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