10 Dangerous Places in Mexico.

10 Dangerous Places in Mexico.

Have you ever thought about moving to Mexico? If you have you should probably avoid the cities on this list. These are the most dangerous cities in Mexico.
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Most Dangerous Cities
Dangerous Places in Mexico
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  1. There's no WAY I'M GOING TO MEXICO. When I drove a truck and I went to Laredo TX., 4 drivers I knew from the same company I drove for, went across the border cause they wanted to have "fun "in boys town. 3 of them were killed and one ended up missing

  2. getting robbed in Tijuana is NOT COMMON, bullshit most murders live there for over 40 years are involved in criminals activates, better chance an American would be murdered in U.S. dangerous cities then in Mexico

  3. That old dilapidated house does not mean the person who lives there is a criminal, less then 50 Americans get murdered in the U.S. most believe involved in drug cartel and criminal activates dot get involved in that the cartels don't go around killing people for fun, been in places that was said dangerous and nothing happen most murders are criminal connected there's more American who disappear in the U.S. then in Mexico like 600 thousand per year look it up I have live in Tijuana i'm a white dud never seen a cop shooting nor a shoot out nor a cartel war nor dead bodies in the street nor rivers of blood not to say it cant happen but I have not seen it in 44 years if it was so common I would see that and I don't believe the U.S statistics they lie to much no need to sex traffic Prostitution is legal in Mexico, most women who are traffic in the U.S. are Ameican traffican othre American your selling exaggerated bullshit

  4. I was stationed at Naval Air Station North Island from 98’ – 06’ everyone on base under 21 would end up at Tijuana on weekends and sometimes even during the week. To your point, our command made Tijuana restricted in 2002. Any personnel caught in Tijuana faced non-judicial punishment captains mast. It was a big deal not to go there because of how dangerous it got.

  5. USA had DEA, CIA, etc. agents that run the cartels, they create the violence. Amlo kicked them out. …Mexico has not had a president for a couple of decades. Amlo is getting help from Russia and China….slowly kicking the USA out, and Mexico has not been doing this well in decades. At its worst, when Obama had Merida Initiative combined with Fast & Furious gun smuggling scheme, Mexico was no where near as dangerous as the USA. Right now, crime is on it's way down. ..violent crime is 14% lower than last year. There are a few stats, where the USA still has control, but Mexico's new National Guard and Russian special agents are taking control.

  6. how you dare to compare a beautiful chihuahua witha rat, obviously is decendant of the tachchi dog breed to be small. Don't talk crap about my beanie baby. 😀

  7. I get that every country have dangerous area's or cities but Mexico drug cartels are a different kind of dangerous. Even Chicago or Baltimore and other cities in the US can't touch the cartels if Mexico lol.

  8. 6 main things when visiting Mexico that some Americans really need to apply to any country they visit for the most part.
    1. Respect.
    2. Be aware of your surroundings.
    3. Low profile.
    4. If the locals are out and about, it’s okay, but if the locals are not out and about, you should not be out and about.
    5. Don’t act tough, bullets have a way of taking down even the biggest.
    6. Keep your jewelry at home and hide your money.

  9. This is clearly made by an ignorant, uneducated idiot with an agenda to make Mexico look bad and get views through propagation of fake negative news. I bet you have never been to 1 sate in Mexico and if you had you would know that Mexico is the most beautiful country on the planet with the most beautiful, kind and welcoming people and culture. I have been to Mexico more times then I can remember and I always spend time in local areas. Mexico is safe!! Be respectful and don’t act like you own the place and you will be safe and have the time of your life!! Hence why so many people are moving there from all over the world!! Educate yourself and stop spreading fake news PENDEJO!!
    Viva Mexico Lindo!!

  10. I used to go down to TJ with my party crew, we'd bring down a sound system and party it up for about a week…buuuut then one year we went down for "the Smoke out" Cypess Hill and snoop….we first decided to get a few drinks in before we went in the event so we went to the corner bar. While inside I caught some fool trying to dose my friends drink. I confronted him and a fight broke out, my crew against the bar..this fight basically was pushed out side where it combined with a bigger fight that came pouring out of the "event location". So now our 10 vs 30 turned into 10 vs 100s…it was insane..but we were able to meet up and get out of there. We made our way down a block when we heard housemusic coming from behind these doors..we peeked in and it was a dance hall with a bunch of sororities from UCLA…it was like falling into the land of ladies ….we danced started to have a great time when literally as if we fell into a really bad 80's movie freakin a fraternity of chads showed up.."hey dudes those are our girls", and another fight broke out…we got out of there, made our way back past the original fight then back to ALMOST to where we were staying…when we got pulled by federalallies and they jacked us for everything that was in view. Then we made it back to our place of stay where we somehow got the montazumas revenge and realized we caught scabies along our journey….so F ck TJ…never ever going back…

  11. I just came from Guadalajara and it is also dangerous but if you visit any of these places yes stuff happens but the chances are slim you just kind of need to stay away from problems don’t mess with anyone but Guadalajara is protected by the cartel that’s why you see more crimes around the state

  12. "… as an American or North American??? " I got a brand new word for ya … C/a/n/a/d/i/a/n — great way to save a few syllables. And amazingly, YOU actually have subscribers here in "North America" — for now.

  13. Tijuana stuff mentioned in this video is absolutely and extremely exaggerated.
    I know more and more people from the US moving to Tijuana.
    There are plenty of things to do and if you stay in the popular places you are absolutely safe, in fact, due to Tijuana is a super touristic city (2nd most important city in the world for medical tourism and very visited for party, food, craft beer and business) the government put special care for tourists.

    It's ok to consider safety measures, like not show money on streets, or look like a stupid tourist but beyond of that, touristic áreas are absolutely safe I'm a 24/7 basis.
    Also, TJ has a GREAT WEATHER, very similar to SD

  14. You forgot The deadly State of Mexico, where everytime you ride on a public transportation van u are in constant danger , not only because the driver thinks he's the FAST AND FURIOUS, but also because you never know which passenger or groups of passengers could pull out a fake or real gun and rip you off your wallet, purse, and cell phone or even shoot you in the belly or in the face!
    There are also creepy and great moments in which passengers have lynched those thieves whenever they have had the guts to fight these criminals, but a BULLET can hit anyone during the struggle!
    Every single day, people go to work and ride on these deadly Vans and they never know if they've ever come back home alive!
    The deadly and dangerous State of Mexico which is ruled by corrupted politicians and nasty cops that harass every single citizen should be on your list too!!

  15. I love your sense of humor, Briggs. First husband was a Marine at Camp Pendleton and we lived just outside the southern gate. TJ was so much fun, oh my gosh the food. We ate our way through it. This was back in 1996/97.

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